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July 20 2015

Check-out our new interview with Rudolf Elmer, with lots of exclusives, following Switzerland's reinforcement of its war on whistleblowers.

February 22 2014

Read the latest updates and exclusive publications of our campaign to support Rudolf Elmer!

August 2 2013

After being charged with several offenses, but not of aiding the enemy, Bradley Manning's defense is working on a proposal of merging the charges in three categories with the aim to reduce the maximum potential sentence from 136 years to 80 years in prison.

More on

August 1 2013

Finally Edward Snowden has received refugee papers from russian authorities, which will allow him to stay in Russia for one year, renewable. He has already received a job offer in user data protection from the founder of a large social network company, VK.

Below is an interview on RT with his father Lon Snowden, who strongly supports and defends his son's courageous act:

July 12 2013

Edward Snowden accepts all asylum offers, however due to the high risk associated with traveling by airplane he stays in Russia for the time being.

His statement here.

July 10 2013

- Russell Tice, a former NSA analyst turned whistleblower eight years ago, tried unsuccessfully to alert the media on the agency's massive surveillance on Americans including top politicians. A must-watch:

- Alex Gibney, the US government apologist and propagandist who made the video bit he would like to call a documentary, gets legitimately roasted at the Frontline Club in Lodon. This should send to would-be documentary makers on Wikileaks, Assange and other dissident individuals and organizations the message that people and journalists don't want to see that kind of propaganda anymore:

July 9 2013


We hear worrying reports that ours friends Memet Ali Alabora, Meltem Arikan, and Pinar Ogun who have been behind the first massively digital play Mi Minor are being the targets of avicious smear campaign by some newspapers. Read Meltem's post on her website.

This sounds like opportunists who have been waiting for an excuse to attack Memet Ali, Meltem, and Pinar, and have finally found one in the recent riots that took place across Turkey.

Memet Ali, Meltem and Pinar are prominent figures of the cultural, theater and movie scenes in Turkey and abroad, and have been actively promoting democratic values and the right to a better life for their fellow citizens.

One of the vicious accusations is that the play Mi Minor was a "rehearsal" of the riots; not only is this ridiculously and intentionally exaggerating the power of a play, no matter how brilliantly it has been written, played, and supported by the playwright, the cast and the crew, but it is also a presemptuous and cynical attempt to explain how and why massive public protests take place.

All affirmations that the play Mi Minor was a rehearsal of the recent Turkish riots are consequently simply preposterous.

We however take these accusations very seriously, and worry about our friends' well-being and basic rights. These attacks generally aim to prepare the public opinion for further attacks on the persons targeted. Or can simply be threats intended to muzzle them.

In both cases we find these attacks unacceptable.

We consequently call on all activists and organizations that defend freedom of speech and expression (and art is one of the greatest forms of expression) to stay alert and keep an eye on further developments on this website and on our Twitter account, and to get ready to take action if these threats do not cease immediately.

If you are not familiar with Mi Minor or the people behind it you can read our interview with them and our review of the play.

Please also send tweets of support to @MemetAlialAbora, @MeltemArikan, and @PINAR_OGUN.

July 8 2013

The second part of the interview with Edward Snowden (by Glenn Greewald and Laura Poitras) is now available online. Among other things he explains why he joined the intelligence community years ago.

July 5 2013

An amazing exchange where students question NSA recruiters at a recruiting session:

July 4 2013

- Le Monde reveals today what is called the French Big Brother: a programme similar to NSA's SIGINT that watches communications both abroad and within the country.

- Lots of good news these days, now regarding Rudolf Elmer who won a partial victory against two Swiss newspapers -Weltwoche and Bilanz- who defamed him (one called him a "data thief", and now a court says it has 20 days to come with proof of that).

Read more here and here.

July 3 2013

- We wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Julian Assange!

Se the world through the Wikiglasses

- Great victory for Wikileaks: Mastercard abandons its financial blockade most likely following the decision of an Icelandic court. You can again make donations by credit card here. Another court claim will still deal with the compensation for losses, estimated by Wikileaks at 55,9 million Euros. Read Wikileaks' statement.

- You have certainly heard of the incredible "incident" that took place last night (Paris time) consisting of several EU countries (namely France, Italy, and Portugal - UPDATE: and also Spain) closing their air-space or the possibility of refueling to the bolivian presidential plane, which carried the Bolivian president Evo Morales and the Bolivian Defense Minister.
The reason behind this unacceptable behaviour is the suspicion that... whistleblower Edward Snowden was on board.
These countries' governments (who have acted we believe in opposition to their peoples' wishes) have certainly acted on intelligence provided by the US government.
The plane which landed in Vienna (where it made an emergency landing, running dangerously low on fuel) wasn't carrying Edward Snowden.
This reflects the paranoia and excessive reaction of the US government and the paranoia and cowardice of France, Italy and Portugal. These EU countries' governments don't seem to be bothered by Snowden's revelations (despite their rhetorical demands of explanation to the US) and still continue to blindly follow intelligence from the US government.
As for the levers the US govenrment can use to apply pressure on EU politicians they are easy to guess: many of them have children who are studying at top US universities, or working at top US companies, and don't want problems with the US immigration services or the US employer. They think it is easier to surrender their countries' sovereignty instead.
A reminder of not so far away darker times in Europe.
Below a good summary of the incident on RT:

July 2 2013

Read Edward Snowden's statement published on Wikileaks' website!

We are certain a country will step forward and offer him a passport so that he can move forward with his asylum requests and travel to a safe country (it will probably be the same one that will offer him a passport). Any courageous/no-US-lap-dog EU country out there???

July 1 2013

- Join our petition to the European Union Commission and EU governments to ask for a review of EU relations with the US in the wake of the PRISM massive espionage scandal.

- Edward Snowden is said to be in Moscow airport's international area (that is he hasn't really crossed the russian border). His fate seems to be quite dependent on Russia's policy toward his case. Below an interview with president Putin on the PRISM scandal, US foreign policy, the Occupy Movement and other international affairs topics:

June 30 2013

Leaked slides of the NSA PRISM program are available now. The two examples below show you when which US companies have joined the program and what they provided (and still provide) the NSA with:

June 29 2013

New revelations coming from whistleblower Edward Snowden's leaks: it appears the NSA was also spying on the EU diplomats in Washington, New York, and even Brussels.

This revelation, with more certainly to be published in the next days and weeks (Snowden has leaked thousands of documents), shows that the US has no control over its surveillance agencies (we believe everyone is already familiar with some of the CIA's repulsive actions), which supports our argument that it has become one of the most toxic states for investigative journalists and pro-transparency activists.

Here is an illustration of how the CIA sees massive internet spying, that it calls "Big Data exploitation", by its Chief Technology Officer:

June 23 2013

On the occasion of the first anniversary of Julian Assange's refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, our president Mehdi Taïleb has given a short interview to Voice of Russia's UK bureau. Read more.

June 17 2013

In addition to Turkey, citizens are protesting in Brazil against politicians' excesses. They are also met with a harsh police repression.

A good video on why the protests are taking place, and what you can do about it:

June 16 2013

The mounting violence of the crackdown on #OccupyGezi protesters in Turkey and the harsh criticism made by the premier Erdogan against social media lead us to believe that the Turkish government might start a sophisticated internet censorship and control campaign soon.

We urge Turkish activists to take all necessary precautions to protect themselves. Here is a good place to start: our guide for a safer internet.

We'd like to also share this powerful video that sums up quite well the excessive force of the government crackdown on protesters:

June 11 2013

Another exceptionally gifted citizen comes forward to expose US government crimes hiding behind secrecy: Edward Snowden, NSA contractor, leaks a presentation showing that the NSA has (through its program codenamed PRISM) access to user data of several high-tech companies, among which Google and Facebook. Read this for more.

Also watch Snowden's interview:

May 20 2013

Our latest interview with banking secrecy whistleblower Rudolf Elmer now also available in French, Spanish, and Greek.

May 14 2013

Read our review of the first massively digital play, Mi Minor. Also, for the fun of it, a new article on Pinima President's latest plot (part of Mi Minor's role playing game, that we proudly joined since its inception).

May 10 2013

Help the Freedom of the Press Foundation raise 40 to 50k$ in order to cover the costs of producing transcripts of Bradley Manning's trial, that the US government wants to conduct in as much secrecy as possible. Make a donation now!

May 07 2013

Zero Dark Thirty has so far widely been seen as a pro-torture propaganda film. Now declassified documents - obtained by Gawker - show that the filmmakers have abided by the CIA's demands to keep out some parts. Read Gawker's article.

Artwork by basicregisters

May 06 2013

Since the recognition by the Zurich High court judges of the "sloppy job" done by the prosecution, Rudolf Elmer's trial has not made a significant progress. Time for a new interview with him.

April 10 2013

Congratulations to Wikileaks for publishing a new trove of historical documents pertaining to the 1970's.

The new leak is called the Kissinger Cables and is part of a larger leak: the Public Library of US Diplomacy (PlusD).

These documents, that you can freely browse on Wikileaks' website, are of undeniable hiostorical importance, and they have not been made public despite the fact that many were already under no restriction for a while.

Consequently, and as Kristinn Hrafnsson said commenting the leak, Wikileaks is doing the job of governments.

January 16 2013

The year starts sadly with the loss of Aaron Swartz, who took his own life after having been bullied by US prosecutors and officials from his school, the MIT.

Read the the official statement of his close circle.

Aaron was an emblematic and courageous figure of the defense of digital freedom, and he will be remembered through his legacy and work:

December 20 2012

Two major events today:

  • Julian Assange will give a Christmas speech to mark his sixth month inside the Ecuadorean embassy, and will most-likely provide details on the recent victory against the financial blockade of Wikileaks, what to expect from Wikileaks in 2013 (like a Wikileaks political party in Australia), and maybe on the Sweden/Australia/US borne case that forced him to find refuge in the first place.
  • The next Mi Minor performance is today at 19:00 UTC, join us for a new Role Playing Game with lots of new surprises! Go to Mi Minor's channel for the live feed, and follow @MiMinorPianist on Twitter.

November 19 2012

  • Our latest interview, with the playwright and cast of Mi Minor, the play that features a full digital dimension to it, is online!

November 12 2012

November 5 2012

  • Swiss television channel RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse) has broadcast a report on tax fraud by Swiss citizens, and interviews Rudolf Elmer to show how Switzerland prefers to go after those who expose tax evasion and fraud rather than those who commit it. Watch the report here (in French).

October 3 2012

  • Today Wikileaks starts a new campaign intended to disrupt the US presidential elections.

  • Everyone is invited to contribute to this campaign like did our friend Basicregisters. Be creative!

September 26 2012

  • Exclusive: the European Court of Human Rights rejects Rudolf Elmer's 2008 complaint. Read our letter to the ECHR.

September 17 2012

September 1 2012

August 23 2012

August 16 2012

  • Victoire pour Assange: l'Equateur a accepté sa demande d'asile!

July 24 2012

July 13 2012

  • Congratulations to Wikileaks for winning the case against Valitor (formerly VISA Iceland) after the latter refused to process individual donations to Wikileaks, creating a financial blockade that has been initated by other branches of VISA, as well as Mastercard, Paypal, Western Union, and Bank of America. Valitor has decided to appeal the decision, but we remain confident that the appeal will confirm the first instance decision (Iceland went bankrupt a few years ago because of the lack of transparency of its financial system; since then Iceland is supportive of Wikileaks and doesn't play the foul US game). Other legal actions will be taken by Wikileaks in Belgium and Denmark to fight the extra-legal blockade.

  • Reminder: we are focusing our efforts on Wikileaks- and Assange-related issues because we believe they are at the heart of digital rights and democracy. You can follow us on Twitter for other news.

June 19 2012

June 14 2012

  • UK Surpeme Court also rejected Assange's submission to reopen the case and challenge the point on which the court based its decision. This open the way for the his extradition, unless he applies for an appeal at the European Court of Human Rights and his application is accepted. Click here for more.

June 12 2012

  • Tomorrow is the dead-line for Assange's lawyers to argue in front of the Supreme Court's judges on the Vienna Convention (which served as a basis for the court's verdict, but was not discussed during the hearing).

  • Don't miss today's episode of The World Tomorrow, with the second part of "Cypherpunks", airing at 12:30 p.m. GMT:

  • Operation Quebec: Anonymous defaces a police website:

30 May 2012

  • This morning the UK Supreme Court has ruled against Assange's appeal. This creates a precedent and opens the possibility for any executive branch-related police or justice entity to extradite a EU resident to another EU country even without sufficient proof, just with accusations.

    To view the next options for Assange visit

25 May 2012

  • The UK Supreme Court will give a verdict on Assange's case on May 30 2012 at 9:15: be there to show your support!

  • You have less than two days to join Wilikeas' social network FoWL!

14 May 2012

  • Our interview with free (libre) software movement founder Richard Stallman is online!

21 April 2012

Assange Premier Prisonnier International de Conscience

13 April 2012

  • Don't miss the premiere of Julian Assange's show "The World Tomorrow", to be aired on RT on Tuesday April 17 at 11:30 GMT!

30 March 2012

17 March 2012

  • It seems that despite his house arrest abroad Julian Assange can run for Senator at his home country Australia... and he will!

13 March 2012

  • We're publishing our interview with Christine Assange, Julian's mother.

  • The UK Supreme Court's decision regarding Assange's appeal should be made public any time now.

6 March 2012

  • Free Assange Now campaign: important update, new action, join us!

  • ONE YEAR ON! Liberté-info is celebrating its first year of fight for digital democracy, with an emphasis on freedom of information. We are also doing our first (online) fundraising to cover past year's expenses! Come and support our work!

27 February 2012

  • BREAKING: After several months of silent work, Wikileaks, along with twenty-five media organizations (excluding The Guardian, New York Times, Le Monde, El Pais, and Der Spiegel, who have turned against the rganisation in order to please the establishment), publishes The Global Intelligence Files (or The GIFiles): over five million e-mails leaked from intelligence company Stratfor.

    Wikileaks has also announced that a press conference will be held on Monday March 12 2012, with a still unknown topic.

    Congratulations to Wikileaks for keeping its promise of giving the highest impact to releases of secret information of public importance, and this despite being under attack from all possible angles (judicial, financial, smear). Remember to support Wikileaks and Assange in their ongoing fights.

25 February 2012

  • Important: Help discourage silencing attempts againt Assange and Wikileaks by downloading and seeding the bittorrent Wikileaks Insurance file (22/02/2012 update; size: 65 GB) on P2P networks.

17 February 2012

  • Wikileaks has revealed that no one of its members has been invited to speak at the UNESCO conference about... Wikileaks. E-mail exchanges between Wikileaks spokesman and the organisers of the event is worth reading, and reveals how ridiculously biased that conference is, and how much vengeful US interests are still after Wikileaks' reputation.

11 February 2012

5 February 2012

24 January 2012

  • Amid an exceptional protest by some of the main actors of the web, SOPA and PIPA have been pulled out by congress. However, regarding the motivation and gains expected by the private interests behind them, one shouldn't be too naive: expect them to come back soon in one form or another.
  • Starting from mid-March, Julian Assange will host an exceptional series, discussing tomorrow's world with leading figures of the fights for global democacy against private interests. Ten episodes will be produced per week!

11 January 2012

1 January 2012

  • Happy New Year everyone! 2012 will be busy, with the following priorities: bring an end to the witch-hunt against Julian Assange, continue to support Rudolf Elmer, provide netizens and cyber-activists with the knowledge and tools to help them protect their online experience... we will be there to take up the challenge!
  • Our special wishes go to our volunteers who helped us source, proofread, translate, create, publish... they shall all be thanked here!


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