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Gaddafi's attempt to escape to Algeria and the Algerian government's (non-)response.

Stratfor VP for counter-terrorism's favourite description of Obama and the White House: "dumb asses"


Meltem ArikanMemet Ali AlaboraPinar Ogun

Meltem Arikan, Memet Ali Alabora, Pinar Ogun – "We want the audience to see that the decisions they make are more effective than they assume. We call them to realise that there are no rescuers and it is time for each one of us to take our own responsibility." (en)


Meltem Arikan, Memet Ali Alabora, Pinar Öğün– "Biz seyircinin seçimlerinin tahmininden çok daha etkili olduğunu görmesini istiyoruz. Biz onları kendilerinden başka kurtarıcı olmadığına ve hepimizin teker teker sorumluluklarımızı alma vaktinin geldiğine aymaya çağırıyoruz." (tur)

Rudolf Elmer

New interview with Rudolf Elmer (en)
Nouvelles interview de Rudolf Elmer (fr)
Nueva entrevista con Rudolf Elmer (es)
Νέα συνέντευξη με τον Rudolf Elmer (Greek, on

Rudolf Elmer – the man who defied and exposed the dark side of global finance (en)
Rudolf Elmer – l'homme qui a défié et exposé le coté obscur de la finance internationale (fr)
Rudolf Elmer – ο άνθρωπος που αψήφησε και αποκάλυψε τη σκοτεινή πλευρά των διεθνών χρηματοοικονομικών (gr)

Documents and information on Rudolf Elmer's trial in appeal on November 17, 2011.

Available for distribution at Occupy gatherings worldwide:
Speech to Occupy Zurich (#OccupyParadeplatz) about bank secrecy and whistleblowing (en) (here the original speech in German)

Speech at G20 in Cannes on November 3 2011 in English and in Greek.

Richard Stallman – On free software, lobbies, political theory, human rights, copyright laws, whstleblowing... (en)

Bitcoin – the open source decentralized Internet currency (en)
Bitcoin – la monnaie libre et décentralisée sur Internet (fr)

Christine Assange

Christine Assange - "The reason I support Wikileaks is not because Julian is my son, it is because I think Wikileaks is doing a good job, and it is what journalists should be doing."

Christine Assange - 'Apoio Wikileaks não porque Assange seja meu filho. Penso que Wikileaks está fazendo um bom trabalho; aquele que os jornalistas devem estar fazendo.'

Christine Assange - "Je soutiens Wikileaks non pas parce que Julian est mon fils, mais parce que je pense que Wikileaks fait un bon travail, et c'est ce que les journalistes devraient faire." - an organization dedicated to exposing corruption in the UK (en) - organisation dédiée à l'exposition de la corruption (fr)

Copwatch Nord IdF – the website that terrifies the french Interior Ministry (en)
Copwatch Nord IdF - le site qui fait trembler le ministère de l'intérieur (fr)
Meltem Arikan
Meltem Arikan - a women's rights activist, Internet freedom defender and Anonymiss (en)
Meltem Arikan - activiste féministe, activiste pour la défense des libertés informatiques, et Anonymiss (fr)
Meltem Arikan - Kadın hakları ve internet özgürlüğü aktivisti ve anonymiss (tr)

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