About us

    Liberté-info aims to bring together world citizens concerned with the direction taken by governments, corporations and organizations vis-à-vis individual liberties of cybercitizens (today a significant part of society). We aim to influence political decisions, inform and educate the public on their rights and digital freedoms (of expression, of press and right to privacy) so that the democratic principles are applied without limitations or ambiguities to the Internet and the IT systems in general.
    One of the priorities of Liberté-info is to promote and defend the model of whistleblowing websites (the most famous being Wikileaks), because we believe that they are a major pillar for the defense and enhancement of democracy. They encourage governments and organizations to be more transparent when it comes to actions undertaken on behalf of people who have elected them. We are convinced that any action taken in secret is a violation of the democratic contract between elected representatives and their constituencies and an open door to abuse - lies and other actions against the interest of the people.
    This democratic pillar, transparency, has become the target of a demonization campaign and attacks by numerous governments, including France, in collusion with multinational corporations such as Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Amazon, Bank of American, Western Union, Swiss PostFinance, Moneybookers and mass media.
    If you are not familiar with the developments on digital freedoms at the international level - the Internet has no borders and we would like it to remain so - of the last year, you can consult our first editorial that sums up events that have raised concern about our digital freedom.

Our objectives

  • to promote digital freedom for individuals and society in general
  • to inform about the importance of Internet neutrality and to promote it
  • to defend and promote freedom of expression and the freedom of press on the Internet
  • to defend and promote the democratic and ethical information for society and economy
  • to require in our Constitution digital freedom and freedom of expression on the Internet as fundamental rights of the citizens.

Our means

  • opinions, recommendations, publications, courses, working groups, signature pleas, petitions we publish
  • organizing events and initiatives to achieve our goals
  • ongoing or occasional sale of products and services that are within the scope of our objectives or that are likely to contribute to their achievement
  • implementation of IT infrastructure (websites, servers, freeware) that are within the scope of our objectives or that are likely to contribute to their achievement
  • establishing partnerships with national and international associations and organizations that are within the scope of our objectives or that are likely to contribute to their achievement

Creative Commons License

This work by Liberté-info is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

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