Pictures released on Pinima government's website pretend to show PiniLeaks founder eating with his hands, while it is not chicken

Pinima founder eats with his hands

A few minutes ago pictures started circulating allegedly showing the PiniLeaks founder eating with his bare hands, while it is not chicken.
Although the pictures do not show the face of the eater, and no proof has been put forward connecting the hands with the PiniLeaks founder, major newspapers in Pinima and the rest of the world have jumped on the occasion to slander him in a tabloid-style fashion.
The timing of these pictures is interesting since they come a few hours after PiniLeaks has released documents showing that Pinima’s president is embroiled in serious criminal activities, ranging from ransacking his country’s riches to taking part to international prostitution or human trafficking networks.
Other governments and big corporations seem to be involved in these alleged crimes.
No press outfit in Pinima has relayed or covered these releases, which is understandable when one knows that all press is directly controlled by the president, and since he has very little time to dedicate to them (and more broadly to any other non-leisure activities) the only news they publish is the date of the day (the weather forecast section always says “Tomorrow the weather will be better than today’s”), the rest being filled with government propaganda.
The international press has only partly covered the releases, and has focused only on the president’s alleged crimes, not the other governments’ or international corporations’ (which own the largest publishing groups – this explains that here too).
On the other hand it has showed a great deal of interest in the anonymous publication of the pictures: even left-leaning international publications such as The Watcher and The Old Times have made it their front-page with slanderous titles like “PiniLeaks founder’s disgusting act” or “PiniLeaks leader has soup on his hands”.

Pinima founder eats with his hands

The real coverage has taken place mostly online by small news and investigating outfits and individuals.
There people are wondering what is really wrong with eating non-chicken food with your hands after all, and more importantly why there is so much fuss and condemnation from political figures while no proof ties the pictures’ content with the PiniLeaks founder.

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